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Industrial Series

Top-of-the-line protection for high-risk and hazardous work environments. Engineered for ultimate precision and performance, our Industrial Series arms you with the highest degree of defense.

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Professional Series

Durable protection, versatility and comfort for a broad range of project and work activities. From construction to automotive to everything in between, our Professional Series lets you conquer any task like a pro.

Professional Products

Prevention is the best protection

The human hand contains 27 intricate bones, and are the main structures for physically manipulating the environment, used for both gross motor skills (grasping a large ball-peen hammer) and fine motor skills (picking up a loose roofing nail or scalpel).

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Give Me Five!

SHOWA leads the way in hand protection. You'd be hard pressed to find anyone more passionate about marketing than Damien Augendre, of SHOWA Best Gloves. The force of his enthusiasm for his products is tangible, and peppered with an interesting mix of pride, conviction - and humor.

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