Food Industry Compliant Protective Gloves

SHOWA produces superior food compliant gloves, providing excellent hand protection and contamination-free food handling.

Gloves for Safer Food Handling

Your hands play a big part in preparing delectable food. From declawing a crab to doing portion cuts for steak, you need to keep your hands protected from injury at all times. At the same time, food must be kept safe from contaminants as well.

However, not just any set of gloves will do. Choosing gloves specifically designed for the way you handle food is crucial. Not only does the right protective option protect food products from contaminants but also protection for the food handlers in regards to cold, cut and heat hazards while handling and preparing food for consumers.

At SHOWA, we produce gloves that can effectively protect you from injuries without compromising on your flexibility. A selection of our gloves even provides a better grip on wet and oily conditions.

With seven decades of experience, we design and create the best gloves for the food industry, keeping up with its growing demands.

Why are Food Compliant Gloves Necessary

Did you know that 89% of outbreaks are from food restaurants where workers handle food with no gloves?

In line with this, both the FDA and the National Advisory Committee on Microbiological Criteria for Foods enforce the use of gloves when handling food for the following reasons:

  • Unprotected hand to food contact can transmit foodborne illnesses
  • Human pathogens can transfer to the food

Benefits of Wearing Food Compliant Gloves

Moreover, using gloves can tremendously benefit your safety as well:

  • Your hands will be safe from work-related injuries, reducing chances of cuts and burns
  • You’ll have excellent protection from extreme temperatures like the heat from a brick oven or the frozen meats in a meat freezer
  • Wearing food compliant gloves can keeps containiments off your hands & food products

SHOWA Food Compliant Gloves Cater to Every Need

SHOWA has a variety of food compliant gloves you can choose from, catering to your specific need. Our priority is to provide you superior hand protection with our comfortable gloves that fit like a second skin. From gloves that are liquid proof to gloves with cut-resistant liner, you’re sure to find one that matches every task and hazards.

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