“ SHOWA 708 Hybrid Takes You Where Safety And Comfort Meet ”

Safety in the food industry is not negotiable!

Research shows that our bodies carry and shed an alarming amount of bacteria; our hands alone are estimated to host around 9 million bacteria! With over 4.25 million people employed in the European food and drinks industry, there are a lot of hands involved in the processing of our bodies’ most vital need. As food moves from the farm to the table, the higher the risks and the need for proper safety measures become.

Did you know?

Food contamination has a huge impact on all European companies because of import & export of locally produced products. A contaminated product leads to a recall of thousands across the continent.

The EU has issued several directives and legislations to ensure that food and drink products are not contaminated with substances that are harmful or that affect the quality. Safety guidelines such as Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points, Good Hygiene Practices and Codex standards are set up to help companies ensure the safety of their products and the hands that deal with them. These include the correct use of PPE gloves. However, the reality is that that many end up using the incorrect glove for the task at hand or even no glove at all.

What are the risks?

Contamination of food as it moves from different temperatures and locations
Contamination of food from hands carrying bacteria
Contamination of food when poor-quality gloves tear or puncture, leaving skin exposed and glove pieces in the food
Poor grip in oily or fatty environments allows room for slipping and accidents
Hand fatigue when performing fine mechanism tasks or when hands come into contact with water for long periods of time
Higher risk of hand injuries during food handling, such as when dealing with hot or cold foods
Contaminated foods need to be traced and recalled, costing companies highly and damaging their reputation
These companies are also scrutinized more by regulatory bodies during audits
The correct glove makes the difference

Washing your hands between processes is not enough. Even after careful scrubbing, bacteria will repopulate themselves in 5 – 6 days!
Using the wrong gloves can limit finger dexterity, cause skin irritations and lead to slipping and accidents in situations where liquids and oils are used because a lack of strong grip.
Using high quality gloves suited for your application offers necessary protection from harsh chemicals and hazardous situations, while simultaneously eliminating direct hand contact with food and preventing cross contamination.

Thicker single-use gloves worn over other PPE provide an excellent combination of protective properties, while lowering the risk of tearing.
At SHOWA we strive to protect what’s important, which is why we’ve introduced the SHOWA 708: a lightweight and strong nitrile glove specifically designed to combat the risks within the food sector, keeping products safe from contamination and hands safe from harm.

The special organic formulation makes 708 safe for contact with all food categories in short term repeated contact situations. The glove is liquid proof and ideal for use with fatty and oily foods. It conforms to the shape of the hand, creating a comfortable second-skin feeling for extended use during precise manual operations. Due to its increased thickness and nitrile properties, the 708 provides exceptional resistance to tears and chemicals. The grip pattern creates a webbing that runs through the glove, reinforcing the strength and durability.

SHOWA 708 is 0.23mm thick and available in sizes S – XXXL

The winning combination of exceptional grip, durability and mild material properties makes manual tasks within the food industry using SHOWA 708 comfortable and much safer for both the wearer as well as the product that is being handled.


  • Superior fish scale grip inside and out for safer, extended handling in messy wet and oily conditions
  • Fingertip and inner-thumb texturing provides user with excellent grip and tactility to prevent accidents and unintended damage while reducing hand fatigue
  • High dexterity makes the glove suitable for use with all food categories in situations where there is short term, repeated contact
  • Unflocked to prevent the risk of food contamination
    Thicker nitrile compound provides exceptional resistance to chemicals (EN ISO 374-1:2016/Type B – JKOPT)
  • Webbing in the glove from the grip pattern provides extra strength against tears
  • Ambidextrous ergonomic shape for quick and easy donning and waste reduction
  • A lightweight glove with stretch formula nitrile creates a comfortable, second-skin feeling
  • Beaded cuff adds to tear resistance and prevents droplets travelling beyond the glove
  • Blue colour allows immediate identification of broken pieces, eliminating any risk of contamination (as per HACCP).
  • Gloves are also packaged in blue food-safe dispenser bags for easy grabbing.
  • Fully compatible with other protective gloves, such as uncoated cut resistant gloves


Recommended for these lines of work:

  • HoReCa
  • Janitorial/Cleaning
  • Agriculture
  • Light assembly of oil-coated pieces
  • Food processing
  • Poultry, meat & fish processing
  • Dairy production
  • Fruit & vegetable processing
  • General food preparation



Founded in 1954, SHOWA is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of medical, cut resistant, general purpose, chemical resistant and specialty hand protection. We have 9 production facilities strategically located around the globe with over 5500 team members, including a staff of over 100 in Research and Development! As a 100% integrated manufacturer, SHOWA has complete control of the design and manufacturing process of our protective gloves, continuously innovating to provide each wearer with a product that matches expectations. This autonomy ensures excellent quality in production and service, to provide ordinary hands with extraordinary abilities.

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