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Best Heat Resistant Gloves for Your Industry

One of the most dangerous industrial hazards is fire and heat related injuries. Without proper glove protection, one can be exposed to possibilities of burn while working around extremely hot machinery and materials. As we see with metallurgy environments, workers are constantly around high temperatures accompanied with sparks and flames. But also, heat hazards can be found in industrial manufacturing, chemical environments and in automotive. Regarding industrial manufacturing, even if sparks and flames are not present, running machinery can carry high temperatures as well and can burn to the touch. Showa’s heat resistant glove family provides amazing protection for intermittent heat up to 500°F /260°C. SHOWA’s heat resistant gloves are designed to withstand heat exposure while maintaining superior tactile dexterity. Heat resistant gloves can be seen in multiple environments. Gloves within this family also carry other protective features such as abrasion, cut and chemical resistance.

Choosing the Right Heat Resistant Gloves

No single heat resistant glove can protect you from all types of hot hazards.

Choosing the right gloves depends on your work’s nature and your hands’ exposure to heat. You should also consider the following factors:

  • Contact time: The longer you hold an item, the more heat transfers to your gloves.
  • Cooldown time: The fewer intervals between handling heat hazard items, the greater the chance of heat seeping through the gloves.
  • Weight: Holding heavier objects will prolong direct contact with heat.
  • Dexterity: Some tasks require precise hand movements even when exposed to extreme heat.

 What Makes SHOWA Gloves Unique

Metallurgy, automotive, chemical, and industrial manufacturing environments expose workers to high temperatures accompanied by sparks and flames.

At SHOWA, we make sure that our heat resistant gloves can protect you from these dangers, providing insulation from intermittent heat up to 500°F. Aside from superior heat protection, our gloves have different levels of neoprene coating to suit every kind of tasks:

  • Full neoprene coating: Suited for automotive and metallurgy—provides optimal protection from abrasion and chemicals.
  • Neoprene spray: Suitable for food processing and castings—has abrasion protection and high mechanical resistance.
  • Sponge neoprene palm coating: Best for metallurgy and offshore jobs—renders a combination of Arch flash and cut protection.

SHOWA’s heat resistant gloves can withstand heat exposure while maintaining superior tactile dexterity.

SHOWA Heat Resistant Gloves Go Beyond Protection

Don’t expose your hands to extreme heat. Get superior protection by choosing from our line of heat resistant gloves and ensure your safety from burns, abrasions, cuts, and other chemical hazards.

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