“ A new addition to the SHOWA glove 377-IP is here, and it's all about impact resistance. ”

Our iconic impact-protection glove 377-IP has something new. The only SHOWA glove, having the protection shaped as the SHOWA logo, just got a new addition to his CE standard. First, we will start with a short recap of the EN 388 and then explore what is really new, to finally analyze what impact it has.

A quick review of EN 388

EN 388 operates on an indexing system, in which each hazard is given an index value from 1-4, with 4 signifying the highest level of protection. In addition, there is a subcategory for impact resistance, indicated by a single letter rating. The letter P indicates the glove has been tested for impact resistance. If not, the letter X is displayed. This subcategory was added in the 2016 revision in order to more accurately reflect the levels of protection offered by different gloves.

All products certified under EN 388 will bear the standard’s pictogram, as well as four numbers and one or two letters denoting the specific performance levels of that product. Until 2023, products certified under the EN 388:2003 regulation are still valid. However, many safety gloves available today are already certified to the 2016 regulation. Such as the 377-IP.

How do you measure the impact resistance of the 377-IP?

But today our main concern is the impact resistance. In the nomenclature of the European safety standard, when the PPE has been tested for impact resistance, you should see in the pictogram a P at the end of the series.

During the testing phase, the dissipation of force is measured through the protection zone in the event of an impact from a domed anvil with an impact energy of 5 Joules. The test is performed according to the impact protection test for motorbike protective gloves in EN 13594:2015. The letter P is added if the test is passed successfully.

If there is an X it means that the product has not been tested.

P is added to the CE score of the 377-IP

impact protection marking

As a result of new testing, the 377-IP CE standard pictogram is changed until 2023. The new marking will appear as 4121 XP instead of 4121X). Another addition to this iconic impact protection glove wearing the SHOWA logo as a protection for your hand. And also a reassurance that this impact resistant glove is not only looking good, but provide a true protection.



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