“ ChemRest: Know you're protected ”

SHOWA, one of the world’s largest glove manufacturers, is re-launching their internationally acclaimed chemical search engine, was launched by SHOWA in 2001 as the world’s first online chemical glove directory – a platform where workers or safety managers could check whether their gloves were really protecting them against the chemicals that they work with. Since then, millions of people around the globe have used ChemRest as the industry’s most comprehensive chemical-resistant glove guide to quickly find the right gloves for their chemical applications.

The technical education platform has now been updated with a new design and better functionality, to once again serve as a free, comprehensive chemical resistant research guide for hand protection. The glove search engine lets you explore more than 60 styles and over 100 gloves built to withstand even the most extreme abrasive liquids. The new features a user-intuitive navigation, an enhanced chemical search, and the ability to compare various gloves against each other. It therefore allows you to easily find a specific chemical selection by choosing either a Chemical Name or a CAS Number to begin your search. With over 300,000 chemicals, is the world’s most technically advanced online chemical resistant database.

FIND THE BEST PROTECTION displays test data related to specific chemicals, as well as recommended products for thousands of chemicals. Whether dealing with heavy or intermittent chemical exposure, ChemRest will have the proper recommendation to suit your working environment needs. Glove details such as sizing, colour, material/polymer, grip texture, length, dexterity, and lining are also available. Specific chemicals and exposure requirements may also be selected.

During your search, SHOWA’s global Technical and Customer Services are available to answer any questions about your selection. Their Research and Development, Technical and Product Management teams are strategically placed around the world for immediate support.

After finding your suitable chemical glove on, you have the free option to trial/test the recommended glove in your specific user environment by requesting a sample pair. You can experience the protection of the product for yourself, get expert advice from SHOWA’s glove specialists, and eventually integrate this recommendation into your hand-protection program after being assured by the results.


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