Finding the best SHOWA construction glove.

For welding or being cut-resistant, a few rules apply to select the appropriate hand protection for the construction industry.

Several details must be considered in choosing the right glove for the construction industry. First the usage. What the glove is going to be used for?”

Is it for general handling?
Is your worker exposed to certain types of chemicals?
Does he need gloves for cut protection?
Is he working under low temperatures?
Or is it going to be more specific?

Under those questions, you can face a choice of 15 different models of gloves.

Contact us to find the right fit.


Gloves Duracoil, the best cut-resistant glove

This piece of engineering is made for multiple purpose cut protection for cut level C/A3. Ideal for construction workers who are manipulating sharped materials.


Dupont Kevlar in our most extreme cut resistant gloves

For cut level E and cut level F, our S-TEX models feature the Dupont Kevlar technology for a better cut resistance. Without any compromise on comfort or tactility.