“ The certification is an internationally recognized standard for food safety, and it means that our gloves have been tested and approved for use in food processing. ”

After the Green Circle certification, we wanted our customers to clearly identify which gloves would be safe to use in food processing. After a few months of collaboration with HACCP International, 10 of our gloves obtained a global certification identifying them as safe to use for food processing. A major step for our customers who are now able to identify clearly our food processing gloves. Discover more about this process, and also what it could potentially mean for you.

What is HACCP International?

HACCP international is a product certification company. Their goal is to identify and eliminate hazards in the food supply chain, reducing the risk of contamination. Suppliers, like SHOWA, can use their services to have their products tested and verified to see if they match the current regulation in food safety. Once certified, the buyer will be able to identify which product are safe to be used all along any food process.

The label, clearly identifiable, is a guarantee for the buyer to get a product safe to use. However, certification is not a one-time event. The company submitting the products will be under the monitoring of HACCP constantly. And if one component fails, then the certification will no longer be valid. In this way, HACCP International ensures that only safe and compliant products bear their label.

Why do we need a HACCP certification?

The methodology used by the organization is internationally recognized therefore, the benefits of certification are numerous, and include the following: reduced probability of releasing unsafe food to the market, increased consumer confidence in the finished product, increased appeal to investors, suppliers, and partners, better management of resources and waste, and greater acceptance by food processors and manufacturers. Certification can also give a company a competitive advantage in the marketplace and open up new markets. Consequently, certification is an important tool for any company that wants to ensure the safety of its food products.

To this purpose, we submitted 10 of our gloves that were designed for food processing purposes to certification.

Our 10 HACCP-Certified gloves

Cut-resistant gloves


This cut-resistant glove is designed for “knife hand”

application in food processing.

Flexible, it combines foam nitrile for the coating and a HPPE reinforced liner to protect the hand for sharp object. HPPE and the coating keeps the hand cool but guarantee a strong grip.

EBT-biodegradable gloves


This orange biodegradable glove is perfect for food preparation and also resistant to some chemicals. Its thinness makes this nitrile glove feels like a second skin.

707HVO food proof


The NSK24 cotton-lined nitrile glove provides excellent protection from a wide array of solvents, oils and acids. It is flexible watertight with SHOWA’s biodegradable Eco Best Technology (EBT) which makes these gloves environmentally friendly as they break down after use or when exposed to sunlight.

showa gloves nsk24


The 707FL chemical-resistant glove is the perfect workwear for jobs that require optimum comfort and touch with hazardous chemicals. A flocked cotton liner makes donning easy, while a rolled cuff keeps debris outside so you can wear it without worry! Plus, this lightweight nitrile material reduces hand fatigue–which means better quality at job site or around your house all day long (or wherever).



The 707D offers the best of both worlds, combining a disposable glove’s comfort with chemical protection. The light weight nitrile material makes it easy to wear all day long without becoming uncomfortable or cumbersome while offering excellent fingertip sensitivity needed for intricate work like jobs involving hazardous materials!

Glove 707D food manipulation glove


The 728 gloves are designed with the latest eco-friendly technology to make them both highly resistant and biodegradable. They protect against strong acids, chemicals and solvents while being comfortable for long periods of time thanks their extra bisque grip palms which makes wet work easier than ever before!


The SHOWA 731 glove is ideal for working with harmful substances such as acids and solvents. These gloves are also water resistant, providing tactile precision even when operating in wet environments thanks to Eco Best Technology® which makes them biodegradable despite being extremely strong or acid-resistant!

SHOWA hand safety gloves for chemical protection 731-1


The SHOWA 717 gloves are designed to protect against a variety of hazards. The extended gauntlet provides protection for your forearms, while 11 mil thick uninsured nitrile material makes them resistant against chemicals and solvents; plus, they’re comfortable when worn long term thanks their ergonomic design!


The SHOWA 727 chemical-resistant gloves provide maximum protection for the wearer’s hands against a range of hazards. These premium quality, high durability latex free and nitrile free protective wear has been designed with an ergonomic grip that maximizes comfort while prolonging precision during use ensuring employers get top value from their investment in safety equipment.


The SHOWA 730 chemical-resistant gloves prioritize grip and comfort, designed with performance in mind. The 100% nitrile glove provides protection against a broad range of oils, solvents and chemicals; Bisque finish increases wet gripping ability for enhanced ease while wearing it – all without sacrificing safety or quality!

SHOWA chemical protection gloves 730

How to recognize our food-processing gloves

The HACCP International allows when the product is certified, to use their logo on many different supports from digital media to company cars. Therefore, each of our gloves should bear this logo. Easily recognizable (see below), you will be able to chose the right glove.

food proofed HACCP

The certification is an internationally recognized standard for food safety, and it means that our gloves have been tested and approved for use in food processing. This certification is a valuable asset for our company, and it will help us to continue to provide the highest quality products and services to our customers. Thanks to the certification, our customers can be confident that they are using safe and compliant products, and they can be assured that they are doing their part to protect the food supply. We are proud to have received this certification, and we will continue to work hard to maintain our high standards of quality and safety.



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