SHOWA invests to boost capacity and product innovation to debunk the myths about chemical protection with the newly revamped ChemRest platform!

Just saying that it is a chemical-resistant glove does not do the end-user justice!

Over the past year, millions of people worldwide have learned far more than they ever wanted to know about PPE (personal protective equipment) and how deeply and broadly protective gloves have an impact on front line workers and our personal daily lives.

At SHOWA, developing innovative, high-quality protective gloves have always been core to our mission. It’s in our DNA so-to-speak.


Organizations collectively lose thousands of days away from work each year due to employee injuries. These injuries can include chemical burns, skin irritations, and exposure to harsh corrosions. Millions of Euro’s are lost to work-related accidents and skin diseases; and millions are spent on medical fees, legal fees and fines annually due to hand protection failures that can easily be avoided. The average cost of a hand injury is $4500. At work hands are exposed at risk every day and represent 20% of all injuries, therefore hand protection is an essential area for employers to address.

As chemical usage grows across the globe, so have risks to the workplace and workforces. The SHOWA legacy, which goes back 70 years, is one defined by innovation, and operating at the leading edge of glove safety, performance, and reliability. That is why I am excited to share that SHOWA has combined our unparalleled expertise in chemistry and chemical resistant materials, together with top-of-the-line glove manufacturing processes to launch the industry’s first complete and comprehensive chemical protection platform. ChemRest.

“ChemRest isn’t just a product, it’s a turnkey chemical protection platform built on three core pillars: Educate, Evaluate & Equip, each designed to protect against chemical hazards”.

ChemRest is an achievement made possible by tireless efforts across our global organization to harness SHOWA’s manufacturing, research & development, and safety capabilities. We have built centres of excellence that integrate our biodegradable technology into all product categories to reduce the impact on the environment; we have expanded manufacturing in Guatemala and Vietnam for neoprene and nitrile unsupported gloves, and in Fayette, Alabama for single-use nitrile gloves.

With this foundation in place, SHOWA can more quickly develop and launch competitive product lines, early 2021, we are now bringing to market 6 new chemical resistant gloves as part of our new ChemRest series, fully aligned with EN ISO 374 and ASTM requirements and standards for gloves that intend to protect against dangerous chemicals.

ChemRest not only helps safety professionals protect against the chemical risks you can see but the ones you can’t. By offering a 3-dimensional hazards assessment, ChemRest helps identify and prevent these “silent killer” chemical hazards that attack glove material and lead to glove degradation and permeation.

It starts by simplifying what is often a complex process by offering safety professionals easy access to up-to-date knowledge, expertise, and tools. There are more than 350,000 chemicals & chemical mixtures registered for commercial production and use across the globe. That is a lot to keep track of without a user-friendly solution. With the ChemRest platform you don’t have to, as ChemRest offers essential guidance on topics such as chemical resistance norms and chemical permeation data by glove or a chemical CAS number. Our glove experts then evaluate customers’ risks and specific needs, then tests their existing gloves against chemical hazards they may encounter. With that knowledge in hand, customers can make better and more informed decisions. ChemRest unlocks a significantly expanded product range for our global distribution partners – products optimized to specific needs. SHOWA’s chemical expertise is grounded in actual, unbiased chemical performance testing data.

We made it easy to get started by displaying all ChemRest test data on You can access the ChemRest concept, which includes educational assets, request an onsite evaluation with a SHOWA hand protection expert, explore our expanded chemical protective product range. All of our chemical protection products, including single-use, unsupported, and supported nitrile, Neoprene, Viton, and Butyl, are within the ChemRest platform of solutions. Now available under one brand and accessible through one platform.


SHOWA is synonymous with the highest degree of hand protection and innovation. We pioneer revolutionary technology and create over 1,800 gloves, each meticulously engineered to provide the perfect protection for the task at hand. With 58 patents owned and more than 100 researchers and developers dedicated to making our best even better, we blaze a trail for our industry without imitation. SHOWA’s unparalleled quality is achieved through 100% integrated manufacturing, giving us complete control at every stage of design and production. Down to every fibre, our gloves are created better to perform better, unleashing new potential for hands at work.



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