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“ Single Use Series: Ahead of its time. Original is the best ”

SHOWA The most complete single use nitrile series

N-DEX® was the first family of low-modulus nitrile, single use gloves. This ground breaking innovation was commercialised by Best Manufacturing Company in 1991. Thus solving the human allergy to natural latex proteins, while providing the same, if not superior, barrier of protection.

Sociological climate (AIDS, demand for latex gloves): increased use of latex gloves during the AIDS epidemic had exposed humans to natural latex proteins on a global scale. As a result, it became evident that a certain percentage of the human population is allergic to natural latex. The allergy can range from contact dermatitis to severe allergic reactions. The N-DEX glove solved this issue by providing a non-latex, low-modulus glove to be used in medical, dental, and examination.

Features (superior protection to latex): the features are non-latex and low-modulus which offer more tensile strength and durability. Additionally, disposable nitrile will not degrade from the sun like natural latex. Finally, the glove has the fit and feel of natural latex. So first responders, TSA, physicians, laboratory professionals, and food handlers are assured the highest level of protection found in single use hand protection.

Commitment from SHOWA (innovations in formula and manufacturing): Best Manufacturing Company was acquired by SHOWA Glove Japan in 2007. This acquisition allowed SHOWA R&D to work in concert with Best R&D on the development of countless innovations since the acquisition. Now, SHOWA is able to globally distribute unique innovations that continue to raise the bar. Many SHOWA products are copied by companies that have a commitment to piracy, not innovation.


SHOWA has looked into single use market needs for personal and product protection, anticipating the increasing demand and global market potential. We analysed trends and growth drivers to become more competitive by offering the broadest lines of superior-quality single use gloves and comprehensive solutions, complying with market requirements.

  • Powder free and latex free
  • Easy donning and doffing
  • Chemical resistantance
  • Wide range of colours, lengths and thicknesses
  • Dual labelling
  • High tensile strength
  • Safe for workers’ skin
  • Comfort in use and high sensitivity
  • Ergonomic fit
  • Durable and cost-effective
  • Accelerator free
  • Antistatic

SHOWA is known as a leader in the development, manufacturing and marketing of work gloves for personal protection. We engineer our single use gloves looking carefully at every single detail of worker and product protection. Combining years of expertise and market insight, SHOWA introduces the most comprehensive single use nitrile solution. The range offers a multiple choice of single use gloves, composed of 9 different styles with 3 thicknesses, 2 lengths, from XS to XL sizes, suitable for laboratory, pharmaceutical, clean room, food industry, automotive and harmful chemical usage, in compliance with all CE standards.


  • 100% nitrile to avoid latex allergy risks whatever the user’s task may be
  • Chlorination for more comfort, grip and increased chemical resistance
  • Silicone free for safer skin
  • Powder free to avoid workplace contamination
  • Dual labeling for PPE and medical care
  • Low modulus: moulds to your hand for greater fit
  • Chemical resistance
  • Multipurpose solution for all industries and usages
  • Heavy exposure chemical permeation testing
  • Inspection and quality control requirements – AQL 0.65 to 1.5
  • Force at break >10N
  • Elongation up to 500%
  • Textured finish on fingertips to enhance grip
  • Standards: CAT. III EN374-2 EN 374-3 EN455 FOOD APPROVED

Suitable for laboratory, pharmaceutical, clean room, food industry, automotive and harmful chemical use.


Single use glove, 100% nitrile, powder free, silicone free, 240mm – 300mm long by 0.10mm – 0.12mm – 0.20mm thick

  • Dual labelling: PPE and medical device
  • Ideal for chemical splash protection and heavy exposure
  • High quality: AQL 0.65
  • Standard: EN374-2 EN374-3 EN455 FOOD APPROVED


  • Single use glove, 100% nitrile, antistatic properties, powder free, silicone free, 240mm – 300mm long by 0.10mm or 0.15mm thick
  • Antistatic properties: surface resistivity between 109 and 1010 Ω
  • Dual labelling: PPE and medical device
  • High quality: AQL 1.5
  • Standard: EN374-2 EN374-3 EN455 FOOD APPROVED


Showa gloves with accelerator-free formulation remove the common accelerators found in all disposable nitrile gloves, further reducing the risk of common workplace conditions like type IV dermatitis.

  • Accelerator free single use glove, 100% nitrile, powder free, silicone free, 240mm long by 0.10mm thick
  • High Visibility: Increased safety in poor lighting conditions
  • Lightweight glove
  • Accelerator-free formulation: protect very sensitive skins
  • High quality: AQL 1.5
  • Standard: EN374-2 EN374-3 EN455 FOOD APPROVED


  • Single use glove, 100% nitrile, powder free, silicone free, 300mm long by 0.12mm thick
  • Certified and suitable for use in Class 100 cleanroom environment.
  • Packed in certified cleanroom environment
  • White colour for clean room where high standards of industrial hygiene are required
  • High quality: AQL 1.5
  • Standard: EN374-2 EN374-3 EN455 FOOD APPROVED

Questions about nitrile

What makes SHOWA low modulus and others not?

Modulus is the force necessary to make an object change its shape. When it comes to gloves, the importance of the low modulus formulation is that low modulus gloves relax and conform to the shape of the hands within a few minutes of wearing. SHOWA gloves are specially formulated to relax on your hand to exert little or no pressure after 6 minutes. It is called low modulus because it takes a low amount of force to make the glove change its shape and conform exactly to your hand. This gives a more comfortable glove and reduces hand fatigue.

Do all nitrile gloves relax on your hand during use?

Other nitrile gloves are made with different formulation that does not relax like the low modulus formulation of the SHOWA gloves.

Who is SHOWA?

Founded in 1954, SHOWA® is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of medical, cut resistant, general purpose, chemical resistant and specialty hand protection. We have nine production facilities strategically located around the globe…with over 5000 team members, including a staff of 100 in Research and Development! SHOWA has full ownership of design and manufacture of its protective gloves, continuously innovating to provide each wearer with a product that matches expectations. This autonomy enables SHOWA to maintain full control of its manufacturing processes to ensure excellent quality in production and service.

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