“ The New SHOWA 4561: Kevlar® Strength, Unbelievable Comfort ”

SHOWA teams up with DuPont again to release second award-winning cut-resistant SHOWA 4561 glove engineered with Kevlar®

SHOWA is unveiling its latest award-winning innovation, the SHOWA 4561 glove

The new SHOWA 4561 is made in the USA and boasts high cut-resistant 15 gauge Kevlar® construction, at an extremely competitive price. This allows the glove to be lightweight and stronger than other offerings without breaking the budget. The 4561 is one of only a handful of its kind on that market which holds an EN 388 cut level D. Most gloves with 15 gauge liners only reach Cut Level C. The Level D rating means that the 4561 will stand up to higher cut forces without compromising comfort for the wearer.

Zorb-IT® grip technology

Aside from the new EN 388 Cut Level D ranking, the SHOWA 4561 utilizes SHOWA’s patented Zorb-IT® grip technology, which allows users to maintain a stronger grip in oily and wet conditions without sacrificing safety. The top of the glove showcases a new informational design that indicates the glove size, the Zorb-IT® technology, genuine Kevlar® logo, and the glove’s certifications. To maximize precision and dexterity, the SHOWA® 4561 is engineered with seamless fit and ergonomic design, which naturally contours to your hands and allows for ultimate comfort along the fingers and palm.

With a high abrasion, cut and flame resistance due to the engineered fibres, SHOWA 4561 can be worn in environments where these risks are present, such as automotive, construction, glass & glazing, metallurgy, public utilities and mechanical applications. Additionally, the breathable liner allows warm air and moisture from inside to escape, keeping the hands of users dry.

DuPont Kevlar® Innovation Award

In October last year, SHOWA’s S-TEX 581 also received an innovation award from Kevlar®, after another successful collaboration. The glove has been a leading example of quality cut-protective gloves, offering an EN 388 Cut Level 5/E thanks to its Hagane Coil™ liner engineered with Kevlar®. “The lightweight glove realizes SHOWA’s fit and comfort combined with high cut resistance, illustrating the versatility of Kevlar®”

“DuPont recently celebrated its 50th anniversary of the invention of Kevlar®, but it remains very much at the forefront of protective technology when it comes to promoting worker safety. We are proud to collaborate with these glove manufacturers that continue to push the limits of what’s possible to make work gloves that are more comfortable, more durable and more protective”.

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