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According to the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work, in 2015, it was estimated that 20-30% of occupational diseases were skin diseases. The most common cause of skin disease in the workspace is the exposure to chemical substances. Concerning skin, the most relevant chemical hazards are acid burns, alkali burns, phosphorus burns, chemical injection injuries.
The European Union, in 2016, has changed the requirements for the chemical protective gloves. The new norm, EN ISO 374-1:2016, substitutes the previous EN 374-1:2003 to introduce substantial changes in the chemical protective gloves production.

The EN ISO 374-1:2016 norm increases from 12 to 18 the numbers of test chemicals. To the new standard, the gloves must be classified into three categories, A – B – C. Furthermore, protection against permeation by micro-organisms is now specified as protection against viruses, bacteria, and fungi. Also, every single chemical test must be recognized by a letter following the table below.

  • Type A: Chemical protection with breakthrough times > 30 minutes for at least 6 of the 18 listed chemicals within the standard
  • Type B: Chemical protection with breakthrough times > 30 minutes for at least 3 of the 18 listed chemicals within the standard.
  • Type C: Chemical protection with a breakthrough time of > 10 minutes for at least 1 of the 18 listed chemicals within the standard.

Many people think that Category A gloves are the best, but it depends on the gloves’ final use. To help industries and professionals choose the right chemical protective gloves, SHOWA has started testing chemicals on its chemical gloves production since 2001. is one of the most comprehensive online chemical glove directory where workers or safety managers could check whether their gloves were protecting them against the chemicals they work with.

A platform to choose the right protection chemical glove for industries and employees


Since then, thousands of users and customers worldwide have used as the industry’s most comprehensive chemical-resistant glove guide to finding the right gloves for their chemical applications quickly. All the SHOWA’s chemical gloves production conforms to the new EN ISO 374-1:2016 norm, and it tests over 100’s chemicals. offers the possibility to compare more than 60 styles and over 100 different gloves against each other. Therefore, it allows you to quickly find a specific chemical selection by choosing either a Chemical Name or a CAS Number to begin your search. Whether dealing with massive or intermittent chemical exposure, ChemRest will have the proper recommendation to suit your working environment needs. Glove details such as sizing, color, material/polymer, the grip texture, length, dexterity, and lining are also available. Specific chemicals and exposure requirements may also be selected.

A Chemical Laboratory for custom chemical tests

Many components must be determined to choose the right glove. What chemicals are workers exposed? What is the exposure level? Is the exposure level bulky or limited? Do your chemical-resistant gloves also need to protect against abrasions, cuts, tears, and puncture hazards? Checking permeation times is also a factor to consider, which often is provided and ranked in order from the highest to lowest levels in which the glove material breaks down. This information is critical to choosing the correct product. That’s why safety managers, customers, and industries need an expert to advise regarding the chemical protection glove because checking only the A-B-C categories is often not enough.

SHOWA owns a Chemical Laboratory to help industries to test chemical gloves for specific chemicals. With four Lab Experts working every day to ensure the safety and the high quality of each glove to protect against the right chemicals, industries and safety managers can request a free test to choose custom gloves for their employees to maximize the protection.

To activate those functionalities, customers can request a laboratory test on or a free trial on Check some of the best SHOWA’s chemical glove products below.



This double-dipped glove can guarantee a long-lasting resistance to a broad range of chemicals. SHOWA CHM is created with an unsupported latex/neoprene coating with an embossed grip over cotton flocked liner. The neoprene-over-natural rubber latex layering provides excellent resistance to abrasion, tear, and puncture. The impermeability makes it more comfortable working in damp or greasy environments. The self-flushing tractor-tread grip encourages runoff fluids, maximizing grip effectiveness. Those characteristics make SHOWA CHM the ideal glove for different applications such as Petrochemical, Chemical Industry, Janitorial, and Automotive.

SHOWA 3415


Created with a full neoprene coating over the polyester liner, SHOWA 3415 offers great flexibility, comfort, and dexterity. The innovative, flexible neoprene with rough particle finish gives a high resistance to abrasion and no latex allergy risk. SHOWA 3415 is designed to prevent irritation combined with low-soil properties. The ergonomic design replicated the natural arm curve, making it perfect for those who work with solvents, caustics, oil, gas, chemicals, small parts handling, refining operation, and Offshore Industry.



Engineered to protect hands and arms from tenacious and dangerous chemicals, SHOWA NSK24 is a revolutionary glove made with SHOWA’s Eco Best Technology to preserve our planet as well. The double nitrile 100% biodegradable coating provides superior protection against oils, abrasions, hydrocarbons, and grease penetration. The rough textured finish ensures an excellent grip. The super flexible, watertight, knit-lined biodegradable nitrile coated has a cotton interlock liner that absorbs perspiration, adding extra comfort. SHOWA NSK24 is recommended for Agriculture, Automotive, Chemical, Food, Janitorial, Oil and Gas, and Utilities Industry.



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