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SHOWA Group President on CNN 8.8.20

SHOWA Group President on CNN 8.8.20

Protecting America. Investing in Alabama.

CNN segment from Saturday where Richard Heppell, President & COO of SHOWA Group, was able to discuss the company's mission to help protect national security and create US jobs.  He also touch on the following:  


  • US vulnerability to overseas PPE supply chain disruptions.  The Trump Administration and Congress - as well as state and local officials - have made domestic PPE production a priority in re-building the National Stockpile because overseas manufacturing is subject to supply chain disruptions, trade wars, and product price and quality issues.
  • The US recently barred imports from top Asian glove manufacturer. Malaysian glove manufacturer barred for potential labor abuse, cutting off supply as North America is Top Glove's largest market, acounting for 24% of total sales.
  • How US companies like SHOWA are not yet on the radar for PPE equipment supply. SHOWA recently announced a strategic partnership that will provide the capacity to manufacture millions of PPE gloves per week and create US jobs to manufacture American made products.
  • How SHOWA is addressing the environmental impact of disposable gloves. During the pandemic, 150 billion pairs of gloves are produced every year, while an estimated 100 billion pairs of gloves are thrown away each year.


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