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SHOWA Protection Against the Coronavirus

SHOWA Protection Against the Coronavirus

Due to the onset and rapid transmission rates of the "Wuhan" Coronavirus, officially labeled COVID-19 by the World Health Organization (WHO), SHOWA has been receiving numerous technical inquiries regarding the virus. As a protective glove manufacturer, it is our mission to inform, educate, and protect. We offer decades of expertise in hand protection, through research and innovation, to meet the personal protective equipment (PPE) needs of many industries around the globe

What is COVID-19?

Originating in the Hubei Province, China, in 2019 and making its way to 85 surrounding countries as of late February 2020 through person-to-person contact, COVID-19 has spread rapidly and continues to make headlines. The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared the outbreak to be a "public health emergency of international concern," indicating the severity of the virus.

COVID-19 Numbers and How it is Spread

According to the latest situation report from the WHO, as of March 5, 2020 -95,333 cases have been confirmed globally, with China experiencing the most significant shock totaling 80,565 afflictions and 3,015 deaths. Outside of China, 14,768 confirmed cases and 267 deaths, spanning 85 countries recorded with numbers increasing daily. Mass infections have many looking toward prevention as they go about their daily lives. According to the European Centers for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), COVID-19 spreads through aerosol droplets, which expel when infected individuals cough or sneeze. Anything or anyone within range of 6ft. or 1.8m may be contaminated -this includes surfaces such as counters, door handles, railings, and of course, people. The virus may be viable on surfaces for hours, according to the ECDC. Individuals carry the virus from one location to another. This transfer contributes to the spread of the virus both locally and abroad. Additionally, common viral characteristics are such that an individual, although infected, may not be displaying symptoms of the illness. This incubation period for COVID-19, according to the CDC, is 2-14 days. 

Protection and Prevention

Recommendations from The World Health Organization stress the importance of prevention through the regular washing of hands with soap and water. Alcohol-based hand sanitizers are an appropriate second option in place of soap and water. To help reduce the spread of any bacteria or virus, including COVID-19, make sure to cover your mouth when coughing or sneezing and remind others to do the same. Additional precautions can be taken by avoiding contact with eyes, nose, mouth, and practicing social distance. Another line of defense is to wear single-use viral resistant gloves. Professionals who might benefit from such products include medical professionals, lab technicians, kitchen staff, paramedics, TSA, military, postal workers, federal, state, and municipal law enforcement, and the like.

Does SHOWA Manufacture Gloves that Protect Me from COVID-19?

For decades, SHOWA has held the highest standards of hand protection in quality, safety, and innovation. The SHOWA research and development team has proudly developed seven single-use gloves that include:  


  • 6110PF
  • 6112PF
  • C9905PF
  • 7502PF
  • 7500PF
  • 8050
  • 9905PF

 Additionally, SHOWA has viral resistant gloves that also offer protection from harsh chemicals, comprising products: 

  • 708
  • 874/874R
  • 878/878R
  • 890
  • 892

 All of which are EN ISO 374-5:2016 approved for protection agains virus, bacteria, and fungi.

With locations in Fayette, Alabama, and Menlo,  GA -SHOWA is the only domestic producer of single-use nitrile gloves qualified to meet demands in the USA. As such, our local facilities are capable of increasing production to meet safety needs as the virus spreads domestically. As a result of domestic manufacturing, SHOWA demonstrated a consistent 97% fulfillment and shipment rate on all orders in 2019, according to VP of Sales, Charles Miller. Contact our experts at 1-800-241-0323 today with any questions concerning our bacterial and viral line of protective gloves. 

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