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Breathex Foam technology


At SHOWA we believe that innovation makes sense when it actually contributes to something useful. Research shows the majority of workers use latex palm coated gloves for construction, logistics and general handling - outdoor work environments where they are exposed to changeable weather conditions all year round.


During dry and hot temperatures, wearing gloves causes hand to sweat and creates perspiration inside the glove. In cold and wet seasons, users wear fully coated glove to keep hand clean, dry and warm. This means changing gloves depending on climate and outdoor conditions. For the same task, users may need 2 different types of glove, resulting double purchase and/or the wrong glove for each season.


So we said: dry, wet, warm, cold… why do we always have to choose?


Based on these findings, SHOWA designed the ultimate outdoor companion SHOWA 306 using BREATHEX FOAM TECHNOLOGY - a revolutionary dual latex coating technology that allows the glove to be both BREATHABLE and LIQUID RESISTANT. The combination of full foam latex doubled with latex coating on the palm is the only alternative solution for workers to be protected with one glove.

SHOWA 306 provides premium grip and dexterity with breathability in dry or wet environments, whatever the outdoor conditions are.


[ 1 ] Aerated latex foam covers 13 gauge liner to allow warm air to escape, so your hands can breath and perspiration is reduced

[ 2 ] Full foam latex coating is impermeable, protecting from liquid penetrating the glove and therefore keeping your hands dry

[ 3 ] Extra latex coating on palm and fingers provides excellent grip and dexterity.


After the success of SHOWA 306, we took all the great features of this glove and built upon them to create SHOWA 406. The new 406 has an added inner liner that is loop knitted, offering additional thermal insulation down to -30°C and a soft texture to the skin. For general handling in cold environment that requires abrasion, liquid, cold and wind resistance, SHOWA 406 is your ultimate WINTER companion.


One solution for all purposes, whatever the outdoor conditions are:

[ 1 ] Aerated latex foam for breathability and reduced perspiration

[ 2 ] Impermeability protects from liquid penetration

[ 3 ] Latex coating offers high level of grip and abrasion

[ 4 ] Soft comfort and premium fit thanks to SHOWA's hand shape technology

[ 5 ] High level of flexibility due to engineered coating

[ 6 ] Ergonomic design that replicates the natural curvature of human hand, thereby reducing hand fatigue

Additional benefits 406

  • Water-repellence surface combined with thermal insulated liner keep hands warm and dry enhancing more productive long work periods
  • Aerated material reduces cold conduction and eliminates convection by keeping warm air inside
  • Orange color of 406 enhances safety in low light conditions and prevents from loss


  • Construction
  • Warehousing & Distribution
  • Assembly
  • Agriculture
  • Gardening
  • DIY
  • Refrigeration
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