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TEMRES® Technology

TEMRES® technology enables our gloves to be breathable and waterproof, a combination of the apparently opposing but important features offered in a single glove.

The idea behind TEMRES® came from a challenge faced by Japanese workers who wanted to keep their hands free from sweat while working in wet environments.      For many workers in the Japanese fishing industry for example, it was difficult to keep dry hands while at the same time working in wet and oily conditions. On the other hand, it is even more difficult to achieve good breathability in fully coated gloves while maintaining oil or water resistance.


As a specialist glove manufacturer SHOWA took on this challenge, and developed the first TEMRES® 280 glove 19 years ago. The name TEM•RES® comes from a combination of the Japanese words Te, which means “hand”, and Murezu meaning “no humidity”. The TEMRES® glove was revolutionary at the time of its launch and its uniqueness and benefits have become recognized in the market.Over the years we have perfected the technology and in 2005 the new TEMRES® 281 was launched. It features added anti-slip grip and a design for easier donning and doffing.

[1] Liquids

[2] Perspiration

How does it work?

The concept in TEMRES® technology comes from differences in physical properties of liquid water and water vapour. 
Physical properties of water in liquid state, such as cohesion and lower molecular energy, means that water droplets typically range in size between 100 µm to 3,000 µm. On the other hand, the higher energy of water molecules in vapour means they are excited and moving freely.
The size of a water molecule is about 0.0003 µm. Our engineers used this significant size difference to create two main membranes in the glove that enable the TEMRES® effect: one for its breathability and one for water resistance.

Concretely, one membrane is made from porous foamed polyurethane, helping moisture come out easily and allowing the hand to dry promptly. The other one is the outermost layer made from hydrophilic polymer, which is permeable to moisture but not to water. The difference in concentration of water molecules and temperature leads to water vapour transfer from inside the glove to outside. This is the essential mechanism applied to TEMRES® gloves. The breathability allows hands to stay dry. At the same time its waterproof property still protects the hands from water and liquids.

[1] Water vapour

[2] Liquid (water, oil or lubricant)

[3] anti slip finish with two grain size (except on cuff)

[4] Liquidproof polyurethane coating

[5] Sweat and heat

[6] Foamed Polyurethane

[7] 13G knitted Nylon liner

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