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For businesses looking to reduce costs and enhance employee safety, Sentinel by SHOWA is the trusted solution for hand protection. We combine real-time monitoring and predictive analytics to identify and reduce accidents.

Sentinel by SHOWA is proven to provide up to 33% in cost savings.

How it Works

You shouldn’t pay for products you don’t need. We identify the right gloves for the right jobs to help you right-size your glove inventory.Sentinel by SHOWA is designed to prevent work-related hand and arm injuries and streamline cost performance. Our 5-phase approach ensures efficiency while prioritizing your team’s safety.

5-Phase Process

  • Evaluate – SHOWA’s highly-trained field experts conduct a comprehensive on-site hazard assessment.
  • Benchmark – After determining business goals and objectives, we use your current performance metrics as a baseline to help measure Sentinel’s impact over time.
  • Implement – A customized safety plan is designed and implemented to improve your operation’s cost-performance by reducing risk, injuries, and subsequent expenses.
  • Measure – Sentinel’s effectiveness is quantified by comparing new performance data to your baseline, followed by the establishment of your next milestone.
  • Manage – Upon successful integration of your customized safety plan, our service experts provide ongoing assistance to ensure you get the most from your investment long-term.

How it Saves Time & Money


When your team operates safely, it not only safeguards your workforce but also protects your business from potential fines. Our mission is to help you mitigate risks and ensure your team adheres to OSHA guidelines.

  • Workplace accidents involving hand injuries are ranked one of the highest.
  • 27,940 workers in the United States endured a hand injury in 2022.
  • Employees miss six days of work on average due to hand injuries.
  • Each hand injury claim costs an average of $19,917.
  • The average lost-time workers compensation is $14,239.
  • The total medical and indemnity cost is $34,156.

Our team helps you identify hazards before they result in hand injuries.

SHOWA's CS710 protective glove for the oil and gas industry

The safety of your team is our priority. By ensuring appropriate hand protection is available and providing training on department-specific gloves, Sentinel by SHOWA provides enhanced safety measures for your team.

After we complete the evaluations and provide recommendations, you will receive a customized glove board illustrating which gloves apply to which application, reducing misuse of gloves in the wrong application.


Meet sustainability standards without compromising durability with our biodegradable hand protection solutions.


When going through the Sentinel by SHOWA process, we delve deeper into the implications of prolonged glove usage on our planet. We integrate our cutting-edge Eco-Best Technology in our glove reccomendations for your team.

EBT facilitates the decomposition of gloves into compounds found in nature when disposed of properly.

Non-EBT gloves take over a century to biodegrade. SHOWA’s disposable nitrile gloves provide a significantly reduced time frame of 1-5 years.

Throughout the Sentinel by SHOWA process, we invest substantial time and resources alongside our partners.

This level of dedication ensures that the safety measures we recommend are tailored to your specific needs and implemented with precision.
The assessment provided new glove options that accurately mitigate the hazards our team faces. – Wabtec-Grahan White

How Sentinel by SHOWA Saved Wabtec Graham-White Thousands