“ S-TEX 581: Don’t compromise your safety with B’s and C’s ”

New EN 388: 2016 standard: What does it mean?

The European Directive 89/686/EEC on PPE is in process of being superseded by a new PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425, introducing revisions on test methods such as the EN 388 for cut performance. The Coup Test was the standard test method for cut protection (circular blade with a fixed force of 5 Newtons). Within the new EN388: 2016, the Coup Test will remain the first test method, but because materials like glass fiber blunts the blade during the test, the new ISO 13997 test will become compulsory as well. This is to ensure the degree of protection provided by the glove is as accurate as possible.

For gloves with high levels of cut protection (EN388 4 or 5), SHOWA has been using the ISO 13997 test methods from the very start, to ensure our gloves are highly performant and resistant against cuts before being introduced to the market.


To provide better individual protection against cuts, SHOWA has innovatively engineered its own anti-cut fibres, “Hagane Coil®”, used in the S-TEX Series. This patented fibre combines Hagane stainless steel with polyester and/or aramid fibres to provide high levels of protection against cuts ranging from 17.5 Newton’s /level D to 35 Newton’s/level F, in accordance with the ISO 13997 standard. Our patented Hagane Coil® technology enables SHOWA gloves to provide superior levels of cut resistance without sacrificing performance and comfort. Hagane steel is the high carbon steel used in forging Samurai fighting swords. It utilizes a unique coiling technique that twists an attending yarn loosely around the stainless steel core, protecting the core when the hand bends and flexes for maximum protection, comfort and performance.


SHOWA S-TEX 581, cut level E

Throughout its history, by means of R&D and experience in carrying out in-depth studies in different industrial sectors, SHOWA has always anticipated requirements for personal protection and designed tailored solutions to protect users at work.

For industries that need to eliminate cut injuries, the S-TEX 581 offers a breathable and tactile glove with a significant cut protection of Level E (29 Newton), unlike common glass fibre-based products. By engineering and developing our yarn technology that combines 3 different fibres – Polyester, Hagane Coil® and Kevlar®, we provide a premium cut protection with exceptional grip in a comfortable, lightweight glove.



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