“ SHOWA 377-IP: Impact your protection not your hands! ”

Injuries to hands and fingers are the most frequent reportable accidents, almost 50% according to database of companies working in the oil and gas sector. More specifically the incidents taking place on drilling rigs recorded up to 43% of hand and finger injuries as reported in the International Association of Drilling Contractors 2014 statistics.

Workers operating in harsh climatic conditions and extreme work environments, therefore exposed to wind, high humidity and cold, but also risks of being struck by an object, oil and mud,needs an efficient hermetic, impact and grip protection in order to remain effective and be able to focus during their tasks.


SHOWA R&D department again responded to the market and customer needs with a new solution for those workers on oil rigs already favouring our established SHOWA 377 oil grip and the SHOWA 477 thermal oil grip to a newly adapted version providing impact protection.

The benefits are clear to such workers, maintaining SHOWA’s favoured ergonomic fit and feel, combining oil grip and impermeability now with added impact protection to the back of hand, knuckles and fingers to provide the perfect all-weather riggers glove. Working closely with Industry across the globe, SHOWA also gleaned similar needs in other sectors such as construction, mining, pipe fitting, fracking and shipbuilding.


Did you know?

The skins is the largest organ in human bodies and is directly connected with nerves and bloods. Our skin is a barrier in charge of protecting all our inner organs and it reacts to aggressive products by developing irritation.

However, skin’s barriers can be broken by toxic products which can later be absorbed, reach out to the bloodstreams and, from there, spread to whichever organ in human bodies.

The SHOWA 377IP is your best ally against skin and bones aggression. It provides a veritable premium shield with the fully dipped nitrile and an extra nitrile foam coating finish.



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