‘Showa’ means “finding a balance between different elements” in Japanese.

This principle is much more than just a formula; it is at the heart of our approach and requires full control of all stages. SHOWA is the only company that fully controls the design and manufacture of its protective gloves. Every day at SHOWA we continue to innovate to provide each wearer with a product that meets expectations. This autonomy, impervious to competitor methods and concepts, is based on constantly surpassing what has been done before, ensuring that everyone enjoys comfort and optimum safety.


The SHOWA 4WTP consists of a strategic plan whereby glove trials can be managed effectively through 4 timed processes. These processes evaluate the performance of a SHOWA glove vs a currently used glove, indicating user preferences and advantages in terms of comfort, dexterity, fit and longevity. After 4 weeks a cost efficient, custom-made plan for your hand protection needs is presented.


The European Directive 89/686/EEC on PPE is in process of being superseded by a new PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425. The new Regulation, that introduces revisions in several PPE standards such as EN 388 and EN 374, was published in the Official Journal of the European Union on 31st March 2016 and will be applied from 21st April 2018. Our new and existing gloves may not be certified according to this new Regulation until 21st April 2018. The existing certificates according to the Directive will remain valid until 21st April 2023

SHOWA has chosen to work with GreenCircle Certified, an independent third-party company, to certify our EBT gloves as being “biodegradables.  SHOWA’s revolutionary Eco Best Technology® (EBT) makes a difference to the environment, without any compromise in protection and performance.

The GreenCirlce certification provide a guarantee to our customers that we are a trusted brand in sustainability with ASTM D5526 certificate.