“ Three Different Categories of Needs for 8 New Gloves ”

As manufacturing processes evolve across industries, the need for advanced protection becomes a critical matter for all workers. Whether it is mechanical, automotive or electronic industry.

The requirements are diverse and complex. In response to this urgent need, SHOWA is proud to announce the launch of 8 innovative gloves, taking a step further in ensuring safety, comfort, cut resistance and anti-static properties. Discover the various applications of these gloves and how to select the perfect fit for your specific requirements.

For workers in high-risk fields such as mechanics, construction, and automotive, the S-TEX series offers superior cut protection (from cut level D to F) to minimize the risk of injuries and accidents. Introducing the XC 500 and XC 800, developed with innovative technology inspired by the Japanese samurai sword.

What are the benefits of the new XC 500 & XC 800:

• High Cut resistance: The S-TEX series is the highest cut resistance
category offered by SHOWA, providing the best safety for all types of work.
Whichever cut level you are looking for, SHOWA® provides everything from
level D to F. The XC500 and XC 800 are rated at cut level E (or A5),
offering high dexterity.

• Flexibility at first: Despite the inclusion of stainless steel, these
gloves are designed to be flexible, thanks to a 13G seamless liner. They
are ideal for handling heavy equipment or for mechanical and engineering

• Comfort and dexterity: The XC500 provides excellent grip and tactility in
dry environments due to its PU coating, enhancing comfort, longevity, and
cost-efficiency through increased durability. For those in contact with
oils and liquids, the XC 800, with its nitrile foam coating, is recommended
for even greater durability.

• Durability: Both gloves boast High Abrasion Resistance Level 4, offering
excellent resistance to wear and tear.

• Allergy-Free: Made from natural rubber, these gloves are safe for all users, ensuring no skin irritation.

The DURACoil (α) the complete solution for cut resistance & touchscreen comfort

The DURACoil (α) series represents a complete solution for cut resistance, touchscreen compatibility, and environmental friendliness. The XC510 and XC810 stand out for their high-quality, eco-friendly materials, certified by OEKO-TEX.

What are the benefits of the new XC510 and XC810:

• Eco-friendly: OEKO-TEX certification ensures the gloves are free from harmful chemicals, reducing allergy risks and ensuring quality. The XC810 is silicone-free to prevent metal contamination.

• Cut resistance: With the incorporation of UHMWPE yarn, renowned for its superior cut resistance, and a precisely crafted 18-gauge structure, the gloves guarantee maximum flexibility while offering top-level protection against sharp objects (rated D/A4).

• Light & thin: Composed of a PU coating, the gloves are lighter than any other gloves in their category (36G) and offer the thinnest design for a second skin feeling. The result is much greater flexibility and dexterity without compromising the safety of our workers. This provides excellent grip and comfort for long-term use of the gloves and handling small parts.

• Touchscreen compatible: Only available for the XC810 gloves, this feature allows flexibility in the environment thanks to its touchscreen compatibility. Employees in the automotive, transportation, and electronics industries can carry out their tasks with peace of mind, thanks to the touchscreen application that protects them from cuts and facilitates easy manipulation of screens.

For high-risk environments like explosive or flammable areas, the AC800 & AC200 under the DURACoil (α) family are designed to offer cut resistance, anti-static properties, and touchscreen compatibility.

What are the benefits of the new AC800 & AC200:

• Cut resistance: The combination of an 18-gauge design and UHMWPE cut-
resistant yarn renders the gloves highly resistant to cuts (rated D/A4) and
flexible, ensuring maximum protection and dexterity.

• Allergy free and eco-friendly: The gloves are allergy-free, environmentally
friendly, and Oeko-Tex certified, ensuring they are free from harmful
chemicals and safe for allergy sufferers. They are also silicon-free,
reducing the risk of metal contamination in painting and production, making
them safer and more versatile.

• Anti-static: Complying with EN16350 standards, these gloves ensure safety
in flammable or explosive environments.

• Touchscreen compatible: Designed for use in the automotive, transportation,
and electronics fields, the AC800 and AC200 gloves feature a nitrile
coating and conductive carbon strands that make them compatible with
touchscreens. This facilitates easier tool-screen interaction, eliminating
the need to constantly put on and take off gloves, thereby saving users
time. With improved surface resistance, these gloves support continued
touchscreen use after three washes and leave no fingerprints.

• Lighter with a better grip: With their microfiber construction and
lightweight design, the AC800 and AC200 offer unmatched flexibility and
grip. Notably, the AC200 gloves are lighter and thinner than any others in
their category, weighing just 33 grams. This ensures superior flexibility
and dexterity without compromising worker safety.

For general purposes, we are pleased to announce the launch of the AP800 and AX200, indispensable for flammable and explosive areas. These gloves are perfect for everyday use and are designed to be touchscreen compatible, providing comfort for workers:

What are the benefits of the new AP800 and AX200:

– Allergy-Free & Eco-Friendly: The AP800 and AX200 gloves are silicone-free
and latex-free, significantly reducing the risk of allergies. Moreover,
these gloves have been certified by OEKO-TEX, ensuring that they are free
from harmful substances and adhere to ecological standards for products in
direct contact with skin.

– Touchscreen Compatible: Made with conductive carbon, the AP800 and AX200
gloves are indispensable in the automotive industry, transportation, or
electronic industries. The ease of manipulation between the tool and the
screen is more convenient, eliminating the need to remove the gloves when
operating touchscreens—this results in time savings for the user.

– Unmatched Wearability: The AP800 is equipped with a 13g MicroFibre liner
which is designed to absorb sweat and moisture, yet dry 20% faster than
nylon based alternatives. A foam nitrile and a waffle pattern for an
enhanced grip, while the AX200 features an 18-gauge liner combination and a
hand former. Additionally, the touchscreen functionality remains effective
even after three washes and does not leave any fingerprints.

– Breathable and Durable: Thanks to the EN388 abrasion rating, the AP800 is 3
to 8 times more durable compared to competitors and offers the best
breathability on the market. This ensures greater comfort and longevity for
the wearer. The AP800 microfiber gloves are based on a combination of nylon
and spandex fibers, offering an increased level of comfort versus the
polyester alternative, and provide greater comfort to the use.

– Lightest & Thinnest: The AX200 is the lightest and thinnest glove in its
category, with a 16G thickness and 0.58mm thinness, offering a second skin

“For a comprehensive understanding of how these gloves cater to different applications, and for guidance on selecting the ideal model for your unique needs, join us from the 2nd to the 4th of May at the T-OSH exhibition in Turkey, Hall 5, Stand B5A15, to witness these innovations firsthand”.



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