ChemRest Technology

A full chemical protection service with SHOWA’s chemrest platform.


Since the revision of the PPE regulations in 2016, a market-wide downgrade in EN 388 and ANSI 105 cut level scores for re-certified products led to general purpose gloves for medium-low risks decreased from cut level 5-C/A3 to 5-B/A2 and under. At SHOWA, we believe in value for money, safety and comfort.


SHOWA’s revolutionary Eco Best Technology® (EBT) makes a difference to the environment, without any compromise in protection and performance.


At SHOWA we continuously work on improving the wearing experience. Ergonomic shape design, seamless knit liner, engineered fibre for flexibility and tactility are just some of the common features found in our gloves.


At SHOWA we believe that innovation makes sense when it actually contributes to something useful. Research shows the majority of workers use latex palm coated gloves for construction, logistics and general handling – outdoor work environments where they are exposed to changeable weather conditions all year round.


At SHOWA we believe that comfort is as important as the protection, which is why we reduced the weight and improved the efficiency for our new model. In order to offer this premium combination, we engineered a microfibre fabric.


The idea behind TEMRES® came from a challenge faced by Japanese workers who wanted to keep their hands free from sweat while working in wet environments. For many workers in the Japanese fishing industry for example, it was difficult to keep dry hands while at the same time working in wet and oily conditions. On the other hand, it is even more difficult to achieve good breathability in fully coated gloves while maintaining oil or water resistance.


Each coating has its qualities!

Materials Guide

A wide range of materials and coatings. Compare the strengths and drawbacks of each and choose the compositions that best meet your needs.

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